How To Become Nursing Faculty - The Most Important 3 Things You Need To Know

how to evaluate nursing faculty

Dr. Lanell Bellury The College of Nursing is one of 29 nursing programs across the country – and one of only two in the state – to receive this grant. A total of $1,992,044 will be awarded to the College over four years. In concert with the legislative purpose under Title VIII of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, the Dedicated to Diversity: Risk to Resilience (R2R) program is focused on promoting successful transition to the nursing workforce for baccalaureate online nursing instructor jobs (BSN) nursing students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. The project’s goal is to identify and mitigate risk while fostering resilience and ultimately increasing diversity in the nursing workforce and enabling health equity. The R2R program is built upon a strong foundation of lessons learned through the 2016 Dedicated to Diversity (D2D) program, which focused on the retention of diverse and disadvantaged BSN nursing students through a multilayered program of academic, social, physical and mental health, financial, and professional interventions. “Our nursing program is strongly committed to improving the recruitment, enrollment, retention and graduation of our diverse nursing student population,” said Dr. Linda A. Streit, dean of the College of Nursing. “The goals of the R2R program are truly innovative, and they reflect the mission of the University and Georgia Baptist College of Nursing where every student matters.” Dr. Lanell M.

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